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Project Management

Over the years we have been approached by several clients looking for advice in respect to complete new lines and machinery as a result of both upgrade and growth. We are approached due to our wealth of experience and expertise that decades of working within this industry has brought us as well as a vast understanding of our customers’ needs and budgets. The amount of input we provide is tailored to what each customer requires. This can vary from design, supply of all types of machinery (including Monoblocks), installation and commissioning, annual servicing/maintenance or all of the above! We work in partnership with our customers and suppliers to ensure that the customer gets the end result they require.

Due to our range of local and international suppliers we are able to help our customers’ source various types of bottling machinery from little to large and able to run at various speeds. In addition we have also found that we can normally supply them with the equipment at a discounted rate than that of our competitors.

Our in house facilities also enable us to build our own range of smaller machinery such as fillers, rinsers, corkers, heat tunnels and more which is usually custom made for our clients.

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